Software/IoT Lifecycle Solutions

Lifecycle Management Solutions to Enhance Your Business

Software/IoT Lifecycle Solutions - Goldie Group - software-solutionsBy utilizing proprietary technology, we empower our customers to transform operations to the digital world by providing seamless, cutting edge experience for our customers and their customers alike.

Omni Channel Implementation

Leveraging our proprietary platform, we provide an all-encompassing software solution to tackle your trade-in, care, financing, and warranty programs.

Retail Location

Software-based solution for customer content transfer, device diagnostics, and a buyback program that examines the device’s health to provide the most accurate value based offer to assist you in assessing the overall value proposition.

Mobile App

On-device applications for proper device care, grading, and process enforcement.

Call Center & Web Services

We provide remote service, as well as customer education solutions and self-service web-based technical support widgets answering your customer's concerns and questions regarding their devices.

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