Our Internet of Things (“IoT”) Solutions increase the efficiencies of your business by wirelessly connecting you with real-time data performance and indicators.
With over 50 sensor types to choose from, our IoT solutions are configured to solve the specific challenges that your business faces. From hospitality companies, industrial entities, and SMB to Fortune 100’s, IoT provides seamless, easy to use, solutions.
Our Lifecycle Services Take Mobile Devices from Cradle to Grave and Back Again.
The Goldie Group collaborates with our customers during each phase of a device’s lifecycle, beginning with its creation, to the time it needs to be serviced, to the time it becomes obsolete.
Receive the Supply Chain, IT, Diagnostic, and Product Support Your Business Needs with Our Value-Added Services.
We further enhance our customers’ daily operation cohesiveness with expert support by providing supply forecasting, software services, white label solutions, device refurbishment assistance, and more.


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