Smart Building Use Cases

Smart Building Solutions Implemented by The Goldie Group

  •  Use Case: Condominiums

    Issue: Multi-tenant towers provide individual hot water tank for each unit. Over time, hot water tanks become failure points by first having a small leak that leads to a major failure.

    Challenge: Hot water tanks are typically placed in obscured areas hiding them from the view of the condo owner. It is typically too late for a condo owner to know there is a potential failure until it occurs.

    Opportunity: The Goldie Group proposes a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solution using a multiple gateway architecture with a LoRa wireless sensor for each condo building depending on the number of floors. The advantage of LoRa and LPWAN is the range of the antennas (up to 1.5 miles) and the extremely low power consumption necessary to power the sensors. The advantage of the LoRa gateway approach is residents can share in a reduced cost offering, only paying for the service for water leak monitoring.

    Solution: A single LTE gateway with a capacity of 1000 sensors allows a multi-floor condo building the opportunity to reduce the overall number of gateways needed. A simple water leak sensor can be installed easily onto the drip pan of every water heater. If a water heater begins to release water, the owner and building manager can be notified before the full failure of the water heater.

    Alerts and notifications are set and sent via text or email for any detection of water. These thresholds can be set for each sensor based on use case.

    Additional sensors can be added for further protection.

    • Rodent control for the building.
    • Fire detection for common areas not currently covered.
    • Water leak for rooftop pools.

    Result: Water damage from a single water heater results in tremendous property loss, insurance claims, and tenant displacement. Knowing the integrity of your hot water unit is vital. Knowing that a potential failure is imminent allows time to address the issue before complete failure.