Industrial IoT Use Cases

Industrial IoT Solutions Implemented by The Goldie Group

  •  Use Case: Task Monitoring

    Issue: Receiving tanks for waste by-products need a notification method when or near full status. Today, manual checks are required to ensure tanks have the capacity.

    Challenge: Large multi-gallon tanks in remote locations require scheduled monitoring. This requires a remote onsite visit costing operation expenses and labor costs.

    Opportunity: The Goldie Group proposes a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solution using a single gateway architecture with a LoRa wireless sensor for each remote location. The advantage of LoRa and LPWAN is the range of the antennas (up to 5 miles in specific outdoor geographies) and the extremely low power consumption necessary to power the sensors.

    Solution: A single LTE gateway per location with a capacity of 1000 sensors, sensors that analyze capacity levels in real time. A volume capacity sensor installed in each tank can provide up to date information via LTE Cellular. This is a low-cost solution providing visibility to multiple locations.

    Result: Now instead of a company assigning a person to visit each remote location weekly, relying on passive techniques such as on-site analysis, they can view the sensor readings at any time via their smartphone or laptop. A single point of contact can now monitor multiple locations from a single location. This reduces operational costs, labor costs, and provide an extremely efficient means to know capacity levels in real time.