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The Goldie Group core disciplines include:

  • Recycling
  • Global reverse logistics
  • Comprehensive asset recovery
  • Returns management
  • Disposal
  • Manufacturing of cellular products and components
  • Liquidation of excess and obsolete cellular products and handsets inventories
  • Re-manufacturing of cellular handsets

Quality Control

The Goldie Group ranks among the top in the cellular industry with regards to quality control and assurance. Our technicians strive to ensure that each customer’s requirements are fully satisfied. Each quality assurance program is customer specific.

The Goldie group always goes the “extra mile” to meet each customer’s requirements for quality assurance process.

  1. The Goldie Group offers the liquidation of slow moving, excess inventory and end of life goods.
  2. We also offer detailed triage, testing, repacking and application specific re-manufacturing.
  3. Goldie Group provides cosmetic re-manufacturing of cell phones and outsources all board level repairs.
  4. The Goldie Groups utilizes destruction service providers that are outsourced and are ISO certified.
  5. Goldie Group employs an independent software engineer, who works exclusively for our company with regard to flashing, re-flashing, and software issues in phones and PDA’s.
  6. Our state of the art facility coupled with advanced technology, allows us to clear customer content, recycle, re-manufacture, and sell to established international markets.

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