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About - Why Choose Goldie Group?

Cellular And Electronics Industry

The Goldie Group serves the cellular and electronics industry and brings some distinct advantages to the process of handling your excess and obsolete cellular inventory. We have been in the wireless business for over 19 years. During this time we have become a leader in assisting premiere wireless companies and carriers move excess inventories through our established international and domestic markets. Our marketing strategies encompass the most responsible solution with our commitment to protect the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Goldie Group utilizes a truly impactful green strategy. Our plans consider energy and environmental impacts such as visible recycling, purchasing carbon offsets and a commitment to waste reduction. We utilize aggressive energy savings initiatives that generate significant bottom-line savings. We are also focused on sustainability with our enduring, balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.

Corporate Policy

To enable our customer to grow and excel, the Goldie Group adheres to the international standards and all requirements for quality, the environment and employee safety.

The Goldie Group respects, maintains and continually improves upon its:

1. Quality Management System for its customers,

2. A health & Safety Management system to prevent injury and ill health for all who work for the company and

3. Environmental Management System for all of its stakeholders.

We are further committed to:

Meeting or Exceeding the Quality requirements of its customers. 

Minimizing our impact on the environment and use of potential pollutants

Compliance to all applicable legal, environmental, health, safety & other requirements that Goldie Group Subscribes to.

We are committed to our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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